When 12-100 Coffee and Communitas was designed, our driving focus was to build a space that was central to the south Anchorage community we exist within. We included meeting rooms and classrooms so that we could offer a space for our community to come together. Our rental rooms seat 25 and 40 and serve everything from business classes to art shows. Our free community-use classrooms seat 8 and 10 and are perfect for your study, game or discussion group. Our desire was to make sure that our community is well served by our facility. We look forward to continuing partnerships with you. We want 12-100 to be a welcoming environment to our fellow community members regardless of their background. This leads us to the only thing we avoid:  We do our very best not to host events that might be divisive to our community. This means we don't host open political events or protest demonstrations. We might agree with you, we might disagree, it's really not a matter of political persuasion, we reserve all of our relational currency for the one issue we are passionate about...building community and sharing the love of Christ.                  


We love using 12100's space for our meetings! The staff is excellent and the meeting space fits our needs. I also recommend using their catering  service, the food is outstanding! 

Thad W, Lift Church